I live. Honest. Sorry for having been slow in keeping this updated.

I have been playing waaaayyy too many games lately.

I bought a PSP this past week.

Sony says

"All this in the palm of your hand
The PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) system is
the first truly integrated portable entertainment system designed to handle
multiple applications – music, video, photo, internet, and wireless
connectivity, with games as its key feature. The PSP® system features an
unmatched library of entertainment content, combining more than 135 games and
more than 430 feature films, TV programs, and videos on UMD™ from major studios
and record labels, as well as downloadable content from the internet."

I have spent hours upon hours figuring out how to make the machine do everything I want it to.

I listen to podcasts on my way to and from work. I have music I listen to. I have Audio books I listen to. OMG, could Sony have made it any more Unuser friendly to get all this stuff on the machine? I still haven't figured out how to make a playlist so that music can be repeated in a shuffle pattern without my podcasts being in the middle of my tunes.

And I use Audible for my Audiobooks. Did I check to see if Audible would work with the PSP? No... and it doesn't.

So for now, I am madly trying to burn the book I am in the middle of onto CD so I can then upload it to the PSP. UGH! It takes up wwwaaayyy too much space now.


But I refuse to carry my MP3 player and a PSP. Seems silly.

Does the PSP sync with Itunes? No.

Does the PSP sync with anything without me spending hours clicking and dragging? NO

I wanted an Ipod, but I figured I could watch video on the PSP so it was the best of both worlds. Boy I tell ya what, when I am wrong I am very very very wrong. LOL

So I paid for an extra program called PSPware which syncs with my itunes and such. Of course, If I have a video podcast on the Itunes library it has to be converted to be viewed on the PSP, hours later I found a program called PSP Video 9. After an hour it converted Cranky Geeks, one of my fav podcasts, into a Video format the PSP could recognize, and so I synced it using the program I bought, and do you know it took another 30 minutes to sync?

Sigh, at this point I just should have bought one of every machine I wanted LOL.

I know I am venting, but it is a very fun little machine. Having a playstation with me at all times has made me a little less productive, but I sure am less stressed :) More on the games I am playing on my new little machine later :)