Last nights static group was fun. One of our players had some connection issues, and another worked late, so we got off to a late start. I don't mind though. I only get to see everyone together once a week.

We were doing awesome. Then we thought we should run Stormcleave on elite.

There are 5 of us. And our cleric is lvl 6, so I knew this was going to be hard.

It seemed like the quest that was never going to end. We were always low on spell points, low on healing wands and near death.

But we made it to the end guy. This is where we wiped. UGH! So our intrepid ranger kited the big guy while we all recalled and ran back, except, we hadn't cleared one side and all the baddies wanted a piece of us. And we wiped again. While we were discussing how to get around this problem...I fell ASLEEP!!!

OMG... I feel so guilty.

My hubby tells me we were all falling asleep and the team decided to call it a night.

We have never lost a mission, so this stings a bit. I shall have to devise some evil plan for next weeks encounter.

Of course, there is a video of a ranger soloing this quest. Sigh. He's several levels above us though, so I don't feel too bad.