What a great day.

The new podcast is up and you can go here to listen. We are saying hi to a another new segment, and also a sad goodbye to another friend.

Tonight, there was a continuation of the Emerald Claw live Event. Awesome good time.

Here is a screenshot of one of the Devs asking us to be his followers.

My character was roleplaying at the time and had this response.

He brings us promises of new leadership in Stormreach, and I kneel before
him ready to accept his orders.

He tells me his favorite color is death and I pray to see Stormreach
painted in his glory.

He brings word of the imminent deaths of +Sir Lawrence and his new
friend +Tolero. My blade is thirsty for their blood.

I bow before his power and praise +Tchurvul.

From the dairy of Rowanshadow of Sarlona

I had an awesome time. I love it when DDO holds these kinds of events.