Really fun night

Last night was our DDOcast raid on the test server.

We ran it neekid. In other words, we took off our armor, shields, weapons, bracers, rings, belts, boots, necklaces, trinkets... we took all of our gear off. And decided to run a raid.

It was hilarious.

And hard.

We had deaths in places we had never really had deaths before.

The quest was being run on the test server, but since it was from an earlier mod, we weren't worried about bugs.


We maybe should have been.

There were invisible rocks and platforms. Many off us were stuck for periods of time.

But, a great GM came over and helped us out more than once.

Here is +Miranda up with the DDOcast at 12:00 est trying to help us out of another tough spot.

We all thought her shield was super cool. The symbol you see on it is the logo for TURBINE the Developers of DDO.

She stayed after getting us unstuck and said hi. We thought is was very nice of her... then she spawned a beholder right on top of us. After killing it, we giggled for a long long time.

Awesome night.