I love running a good raid.

Yesterday, my hubby was playing DDO and got in on a Titan Raid. It was a full group, so there was no room for me. I got to thinking. I should do my own raid.

We ended up running the Titan. We ran with 8 people. All of them awesome players. My friends Thriand led the raid. Phew. I didn't have to remember all the puzzles, the color of everyone's crystals or yell when to fire the lasers.

"From the personal journal of Azalai Korias, Elven Wizard:
30 Sypheros,

Warforged are properly classified as Living Constructs – they
possess free will and sentience, while combining aspects of both constructs and
living creatures. In Khorvaire, they were perfected in 965 YK by House Cannith
to fight in the Last War, and were based on earlier models that lacked true
living construct qualities. These earlier models were often quite large, and
included the massive titans.

Rumor has it that adventurers have found an
ancient creation forge here in Xendrik, protected by warforged guardians
thousands of years old. A priceless find if the rumor is true, but a terribly
dangerous weapon should it fall into the wrong hands.

I cannot help but
admit my skepticism at the idea of warforged hidden away and surviving for tens
of thousands of years. I will believe these stories only once I see this forge
with my own eyes, or witness a party dragging back the salvage.
_________________________________________________ quoted

I found this video of a group taking down the titan and thought it was funny.

This is not how I run it, but it kinda looks like fun.

It's static group night. Plus I have a dinner date with the hubby, so I better scoot and get some work done.