I have a problem. It has always been a problem, and it probably will always be a problem.

I have to know everything in a game.

Case in point: Persona 3


Example. I started the game and was just having a ton of fun with it. It has sim type qualities that lead you to certain decision which affect the combat you can do in the game. I love making a choice which leads to something cool down the road.

About 20 hours in, I noticed I was missing a few items in my character sheet that other NPC's had. Ugh! Disaster. So I started researching and discovered there was an entire storyline I was missing because I never thought to go talk to a student in a park.


So I restarted the game. And I was more careful. But am I having more fun now?

I don't know. Now I get so worried about doing something wrong that will cost me later that I am not immersed in the gameplay like I was before my little hiccup.

It's easier in a MMORPG. I don't have to rethink every action. If you are an awful player, word does get around and people will avoid you like you have the plague. However, the day to day immersion quality is still present for me.

My hubby finds my whole quest for perfect in a PS2 game hilarious. He keep s telling me to calm down and just enjoy it.
But, I think I am having more fun knowing I got it all perfect :)