Missing Mind

It's Monday again. I am always surprised when they sneak up on me.

The new podcast is up! Really good show this week. We have Lessah back again to do the Roleplaying aspect. We have a guest commercial which is funny! News on MOd 5 for DDO! You can link to the website here.

Lessah has put together a new video! I watched it this morning. HILARIOUS!

It's turned cold here. I am always ill-prepared for the turn from hot as hades to crisp fall air.

Halloween and all it's wonderful decorations and colors is right around the corner. It's my favorite season. The smell of pumpkins, cinnamon and spices fills my house thanks to the bevy of candles I buy all year long :)

But, it's still Monday. And I don't want to work today. I would rather be at home!