Weird Weather

The weather has been odd. Today it's cold and rainy. It's cool enough that I put on a sweater before leaving the house today. This weekend it's going to be in the 90's, short and tank weather. Sigh.

Last night's static group rocked.

We missed last week because two of our members were at Gencon. I am sooo pee green with envy that I had to stay home and be responsible. LOL

Here are some links to some great photo's of the best gaming event.

Merlask's Picture thread with great explanations.

DDO players post their picture of Gencon.

Jerry's pictures of Gencon!

This is perhaps my favorite picture from Gencon. My friend Keylet took this picture while her and her hubby were enjoying all that Gencon had to offer :)

I saw this picture and laughed until my side hurt. WOW!

The new DDO podcast is a special all about Gencon. Take a listen for news about DDO, Age of Conan, Gods and Heroe's and 4th edition Dungeon's and Dragon's Rules unveiling!

Tonight, I am going home and having some comfort food. It's not exactly WW conscious, but on a day like today...I need something familiar! Frito pies. For those that have never partaken of this wonderful concoction, it's simple. Heat up a can of Chili. In the bottom of a bowl place some Frito chips. Pour the hot chili on top of the chips and top with cheese, and if you want some onions! YUMMY!