Weekend Munchies

I made the plunge back into console gaming this weekend.

My house has been a PC game household only for the last year or so. MMO's have been my poison of choice. A smattering of stand alone titles litter my closets and cd racks in my study.

I really really wanted to fall in love with the Playstation 3. My Playstation 2 went wonky last summer, and with the coming release of the Playstation 3, I held off on replacing my burnt out machine.

I have watched reviews, gameplay footage and read everything I could on the new platform. On one hand, it has the potential to be a superb gaming machine. Of course in saying this, I should try to keep in mind the PS3 is only a great gaming machine if it has games to play.

As of right now there are simply too few titles, none of which bowl me over with gamer mania, to interest me. It's only redeeming factor as of today is it's price point as a Blu-ray DVD player. The 60 GB machine is a fantastic buy as a Blu-ray player.

So, in short, I broke down and went and bought another PS2.

I have spent way too many hours playing Final Fantasy 12. I bought a new purple controller which fits in my hands perfectly.

My eyes are gritty and my hands a little sore.

I have tried to eat as healthy as I could this weekend. I stayed in my points spread all weekend. I won't say it has been easy, but I did well. I went to the mall, and ordered a salad. Ok, the salad was from Chick-fil-a and it had fried chicken in it, but hey there were greens hidden in there :) Lot's of veggies, and healthy snack alternatives.

I did not get a lot of exercise in though. Well, except for my thumbs and fingers :)

What a great way to spend a weekend.