Wednesday Movie

I don't normally post this early, but I was checking out my netvibes site...Oh yes netvibes...

I should talk about it.

Netvibes is a virtual web for me. I use it to keep track of my rss feeds which includes other peoples blogs, podcasts and as a news aggregator for cnn, usa today and people *cough cough*.

It's super easy to use. Check it out!

When I come in to work in the morning, it's the first thing I bring up after my work e-mail. I can check out all the gossip, know when a new podcast comes out, have a widget for my weather, make a to-do list for when I get home, sync to my google calendar and know when my friends have put up a new blog.

In other words, it's one stop shopping for the net :)

There are other sites that do this as has one, igoogle and pageflake.

Yahoo's page is a little too busy and it is not all that user friendly yet in my opinion. IGoogle is great. It's just not pretty. What is great about IGoogle is that you can use it and have everything in one spot, your gmail, your word processing and spreadsheet docs stored in one place, google calendar and so on. Of course, people already make widgets which import all this information easily into my netvibes space. I like pretty and netvibes let's me have a pink theme with pink headers and such :)

I may switch to pageflake one of these days. They are moving their site into a social networking type of site which allows you to build a page of your favorties and then post it up to share. I just haven't figured out how the widgets work over there, once I do, I may switch.

Anyways, I was checking out my netvibes when I saw that Jerry over at the DDOcast website had linked in a new video.

Now this is very very funny to me, but I play DDO a lot. I don't know if anyone else is gonna find this funny, but here it is :)


My clothes feel looser today, which is different than I have felt in a while. If I can keep this feeling and let it replace the comfort I find in yummy, fat laden, greasy food then I will make my goal weight. If not, well... I don't want to think about if not.

I need new breakfast ideas though. I had grapenuts with skim milk and a light english muffin for breakfast. Most days I have one packet of Quaker oatmeal. Yesterday I had eggbeater, a Kraft free slice of cheddar on a toasted english muffin. Not quite McDonald's but healthy. Breakfast has never been a meal I like and it gets boring FAST!

I have netflix. I have been watching Supersize Me online at work when my boss isn't looking. OMG... it makes you want to eat healthy. If you haven't already seen it, check it out.

Boss is due in any minute... EKKKKKK!!!