It's been a busy few days!

I finally got my hands on Persona 3. I have been playing non-stop every chance I get. I LOVE this game.

It's a mixture of part RPG part SIM. I never played any of the SIM's so my hubby let me in on that aspect of it.

To be honest, I could leave the SIM stuff behind, but it's tied so well into the RPG aspect of the game. While you can complete the game with out doing a lot of the SIM stuff, it's simply not as much fun.

The story is well written.

The controls are alright.

I am not a fan of Computer AI controlling my party. It is one of the mega downsides to this game. I cannot control the others in my party directly, although there are some sort of Final Fantasy 12 like control of their actions in battle. It's basic stuff though and too limited in my opinion.

I have never been a fan of Japenese anime. The twists and turns of their stories and the style has always been a turn off. I like this game though.

There are a few things I would change about it, but for the most part, I am in love.

The set I bought in my local store came with an Art book and a musical score CD.

Yes, the music... it's a wonderful part of the game. Adds rather than detracts.

I am putting in this review which shows some of the game play, style and you can here a bit of the music from the game.

Even the reviewer agrees!

It's addicting!!!

Persona 3 - Review