It's finally Friday. My three day weekend looms before.

So many games, so little time LOL

I need to play some more Persona 3. I ended up restarting my game because I didn't like my stats the way they were. Apparently by not hitting some of the key elements I was missing out on some cool side stories. I have let the game rest for about a week now, so I am ready to go back and face the challenges of the dark hour.

My hubby wants to sink a few hours into COH. I enjoy the freedom in the game, but after an hour or two I am ready to call it quits. I haven't reached a point in the game where I am hooked.

DDO will, of course, be my main time sink because I just can't resist it's lure for long.

I am including below a video of the opening movie in DDO because I love it. I often watch it when the game opens because I love the idea behind it. All that history in a 2 minute cinematic which launches you into a rich world.

Anyways, my desk overflows with work and my boss will be here any minute....