I have an obsession with Role Playing Games.

I think they really are the only type of game I love.

I have been playing Final Fantasy 12. Still having a blast with it. I did let it cool for a few days after my hubby contaminated it.

A new one is coming out this week. Persona 3. I am interested. It's a departure for me. I do not care for Anime in particular and I enjoy my avatars being a little more realistic than cartoony.

However, I find an allure in this game. I have not gotten to test it out in any way. It is about high school, which I think for most of us in an alarmingly painful time we would rather forget. But for some reason, I have an urge to plop down $50.00 bucks and play this game.

I have also been playing DDO. I don't think I could live without an MMORPG in my life. It's still a good time sink.

The fact I can sink myself into a story and lose the stress and burden of my day relaxes me. My mind engaged by the pixels darting across the screen, I see little of the bills, housework and general messiness of life waiting for me beyond the screen.

I have still been doing my Weight Watchers. Tomorrow is a weigh in day for me. I have lost this week, this much I am sure of. I have not exercised as much as I should have though. I think I am going to have to pick up a DVD I can do at home sometimes.

Dinner tonight is Cheese and Pinto Bean Tostados. OMG they smell so good. I love all these recipes I find on the weight watchers site.

I am off to keep dinner from burning.