Movie day

I love movies.

During the work week, I don't have time to indulge in many. By the time I hit the door and have dinner, I am beat.

But... I got a great one in the mail this week.

Wild Hogs. It's OMG funny. I am not a huge American comedy nut. I enjoy the dry wit of European comedy most of the time. This movie was just darn funny and a great release from a long work week.

Then this weekend I watched a movie I had sworn not to. Snakes on Planes. I have few comments other than it was better than what I expected. It did have a plot. It was on cable, so I couldn't fast forward. I will admit that it was violent. Too violent in places. I flipped channels to get past some of the gruesome snake bits. I am not recommending it, just laughing that I watched it.

I've played a new MMO. COH. I played for about an hour. It's good on a lot of levels, but superheroes aren't really my thing. The game has a lot of options which I love. I may dabble in it when I need something new and different.

Here is a great video put together by a great guy from DDO.

I am off to play DDO. I miss it, and it's time to play!