It's Storming here. This may just a short post. I have Verizon as my DSL Provider. Every time it storms, I lose connection. They have tested the line, come out and looked, and yet with all their knowledge, it still goes out when it storms. Just can't wait for FIOS to be available. Wonder how reliable that will be?

I had an odd reaction to a game today. Maybe it's because I am a little irritable since I quit smoking a few weeks ago. I had replaced my old PS2 and bought Final Fantasy 12. But ya'll knew this.

I should back up...

My man and I have always gamed together. In fact, it's how we met. We fell in love while playing the MMORPG Everquest.

So we have always been a gaming house and we have always played together. When Oblivion came out, we bought it for the PC, which meant if we wanted to play together, we would have to buy 2 boxes. We did the same for Dungeon Siege, Star wars Knights of the Old Republic II, World Of Warcraft, Star Wars Galaxies, Bard's Tale and a host of others.

One of the great things about a lot of the console games is we only have one HDTV Big Screen surround sound set-up. It also means that if it's a single player game, only one of us can play at a time.

Final Fantasy 12 rocks. It's MINE!!!

When I came home from work tonight to find my hubby playing Final Fantasy 12, I had a temper tantrum. I was hurt in a way even I had not expected. So much of our experience is shared. Having this game to myself felt awesome. I figured out how to kill the bosses before he did, I advanced without his help, and I had the time to explore every nook and cranny of the game.

And he just had to go play it. My game feels tainted.


I will be roleplaying on the Thelanis server tonight in DDO. I haven't really played since the merge of servers.

I am including this video tonight. It is a short look at the Aerenal Server in DDO saying goodbye to what had been their home for over a year. Poignant farewell. Perfectly thought out. Excellent movie :)

I had to try a new tactic with the weight watchers points today. Normally, I have a soup and salad lunch, but I have found in the last week that I am starving by the time I walk in the door at night. So today I actually spent points on lunch and had part of the calazone I had for dinner last night. It was stuffed with chicken. The protein seemed to have done the trick. I did not come in the door and try and swallow the refrigerator.

Dinner tonight is a chicken and rice casserole. Easy to throw together and can be made for relatively few points.