Merge Madness

It's been a good day. It's Friday. Which means I can spend all weekend indulging my remaining vices. Movies and Games.

The merging of servers began on DDO yesterday. It has gone well so far, although there were a couple of server hiccups. Overall no characters were lost, no gear missing and most people got to keep the names their characters had been using.

The video below was done by one of my fellow DDOers and I asked if I could post it here. It's a hilarious look at two servers who were merged together. One was Xoriat, the server of Hate, and the other Thelanis, who is known for Mass events and Roleplaying.

I logged on to the Thelanis server last night to check out the merge and found a ton of people playing. I think most of this had to do with anxiety we all felt over the merge. It was however lagilicious. My character had horrible load times compared to just a few days ago and the jerky lag monster reared it ugly head and dogged my every step.

I will admit that I play on a middle of the road machine. However, when I see this kind of lag after a massive game change by the developers, I do not think client issue, I think server issue.

They brought the servers down this afternoon for a quick maintenance fix, which should return both some stability and maybe decrease the lag monster.

It's still hot. I can think of nothing more fun than playing computer games and watching Star Trek season's on DVD this weekend.

Even though it's hot, I am still going to play some tennis tonight. I find if I don't get out there and move my body I get sore. Plus, after a day at my desk, I like to release all that tension by aiming a yellow bouncing ball at my hubby's head :)

Tonight's dinner is tuna fish salad sandwiches and chips. It's hot. I am not cooking on a Friday!