Melting Sugar

Holy Moly!

It is beyond hot here at home. Thank goodness I love to game. Gaming is a mainly sedentary recreational activity. I think rapid blinking would make me sweat beads in this heat. Above is a dragon. One of the them from the Dungeons and Dragons online MMO. This picture is from a few months ago. It was the first time I saw Velah the red dragon. WOOT!!!

Velah blows huge blasts of fire as her breath weapon. It feels like Velah is breathing on me outside.

They are completing round one of server merges in DDO tonight. I am still of mixed feelings. Part of me feels so terrible that the end of an era has come. I know one ending is another beginning, but to be honest I am not terribly good at change.

I played tennis for an hour today. In my mind I could see the my tennis shoes melting like marsh mellow on the green and brown tennis court with every lunge for the elusive yellow ball. At some point my brain simply switched off and kept swinging.

Since little girls are made out of sugar and spice and all things nice, I left puddles of sugary sweat in my wake.

On the plus side, I had enough activity points to eat 2 tacos with meat and actual sour cream, not the fat free stuff masquerading as sour cream.

I know I need to eat healthy, exercise and not smoke, but to be honest I miss my vices.