It's another Tuesday.

My static group in DDO is not meeting tonight. Two of our members are at gencon. *sniff sniff* I miss them and at the same time I am jealous as heck. Wish I could be there. There is a huge DDO party happening there. I hear tell a couple of Developers were going to be popping in to say hi. There was also a rumor of Swag. *weeps*

I still think I am going to go out an buy Persona 3 this weekend. Will have to see how close I am to finishing final fantasy 12. I don't like having all these games stacks up. Seems silly.

So I am going to sit back and watch a couple hours of Star Trek on DVD!

It was a weigh in day. I weighed this morning and I am doing well. I am losing. We'll see if I can keep up with this trend.

I am not noticing any lose though. Bah :(

Dinner tonight is total comfort food. Fish sticks, mac n cheese, green beans and corn bread with a salad on the side. I will be nibbling on everything and having more salad than everything else.

Leafy green vegetables...UGH!