City of Heros

City of Heroes. It's sort of a fun diversion. I am loving playing a few hours here and there.

I made an empath/blaster. She's a ton of fun.

In keeping with my naming policy, my new girl over there is Rowanhero. LOL I couldn't help it.

My hubby and I run together over on the Virtue server. We make a good team. He is much more melee oriented. Since I am a hybrid of a healer/caster, I can heal up all the damage he takes and then finish off whatever bad guys are left.

He likes playing the villains.He's found a fun role playing group that he likes.

They run around thinking evil thoughts and doing malicious deeds.

I haven't made an evil character yet. I don't know that I want to.

Most of my role playing experiences are on the good side. Even in dungeon's and dragon's campaigns I stayed on the side of good. Same with my Star Wars campaigns.

I may give it a go though.

My work week has been taking a toll. Sometimes things are smooth, and other weeks it's a roller coaster.

It's almost a 3 day weekend. Woot!!! All that gaming time with no guilt for missing work.