Alas the web

I think sometimes about how dependent we are on technology.

As of my writing of this, Youtube is down.

Last week Skype was down for two days. For those that have not checked out Skype, it's wonderful. I find it super useful. We all panicked when it went down.

Many many movies and TV shows have tackled how we would handle being stripped of all our bells and whistles. The Star Trek Voyager series handled it over and over again. Since I am in season 5 right now, it's what is readily available on my mind. My favorite episode for this was the season 2 cliffhanger Basics part 1 and the season 3 opener Basics part 2. When the new baby is ill, the crew really has no idea what to do. It takes the "medicine" of the backwards alien to ease the baby's misery.

There was this really interesting horror movie which connected technology and the dead. Pulse.
It's sort of one of those teen scream flicks, but if you look past the ugh factor, you'll see what the director was really trying to convey. If you really want to see something a bit more powerful and mind bending, watch Kairo. It's the original Japanese movie version of Pulse.

It's just what I was thinking about this morning.
Oh, and on the weird front...

I have not been a good weight watcher gal this past week or two. I have been eating healthier than before, and I am taking my vitamins, drinking gallons upon gallons of water, diet soda instead of the real thing, more veggies, so on and so forth.

I have also had funnel cake, french fries, ice cream, pizza, pizza and pizza, oh and beer.

I may have also have snuck in a few cigarettes. Ok maybe 2 packs worth of cigarettes.


I am still losing weight though. I think when you are as unhealthy as I am, your body takes a little while to adjust.

I am back on the wagon so to speak this week though. No more sneaking a smoke here and there, no more avoiding tennis, ordering pizza and meeting for a drink after work.

I have felt rotten, I am tired as heck and just plain miserable. NO fun!

Who knew eating good made you feel good... sheesh!